No Meaning Beyond Itself

c. 1994

This is the book that started Via Dolorosa Press.  I call it a novella, but it's really more like a short story in 6 parts.  Nathanael West's influence is readily apparent in this story of a writer who is obsessed with what he believes is prophecy.  Is he a prophet or is he insane?  Is there a difference?  I never say because I think that's cheating.  There was another volume to this I had worked hard to write (it would be "The Map," for those who have read the story), but I felt like I could never finish I didn't.  Somewhere deep in my heart I hope that I will, because I love this book and want it expanded.  As it stands, the book is far too short and, dare I say, pretentious.  But the thoughts and feelings that went into this book continue to be the ones that drive me to write.  So, I will always cherish this one as my "first time".

“This very early VDP publication is an abstract, intimate observation of a man’s mental struggle between his drive for human communion and his own sense of absolute separation. Is he a prophet, or a madman? A humanitarian, or a misanthropist? A touching, thought-provoking, yet disturbing chapbook–a fine representation of VDP’s pioneer days.”   [Not Dead, But Dreaming... Vol. 9]