Misery Drips from My Eyes

c. 1995

This was me being angsty.  I thought I'd write some poems based on songs I listened to pretty often.  The book itself is handwritten, but I don't remember if that was because my typewriter broke or if it was because I felt like scribbling.  I am relieved that this book was only in print for a brief period because it is truly the epitome of awful teenage poetry!

For purely humorous purposes, here is the final poem in the book.  I consider this one to be the best of the bunch, so you can imagine what the others were like!

Our Sentinel of Misery

Capture the tearful essence of me,
Secure the midnight hue
of your divine flesh
through nightmare rituals
in my sanctuary of fear,
abuse of the powers that be,
forever locked within my
tortured soul, heart-wrenching
hopes and desires which
consume me in entirety.
The roses shall wilt in blood ceremonies,
the final image
scarred upon my wide eyes
of your painful beauty.
Like thorns have I bled
as I graced your contours,
such passion in my last breath,
such sincerity in the stark
death of myself.
I wanted you to be
the vines which hid my grave
and made me beautiful.
I wanted you to be
the satin which surrounded my
body in death forever.
I wanted to be placed
upon that cross for you
again and again.
My beautiful mystery,
I wanted to dance with you
one final time in the darkness.