Break the Black Ice (book two)

And Drift in Dreams of Other Lives

(poetry of the past)

c. 1996

This was the second book in the "Break the Black Ice" series.  I wrote this one while I was attending Shimer College in Illinois, so my mind was really split between my new, solitary life there and my home back in Cleveland.  Much of my free time was spent either looking out across Lake Michigan or wandering around Evanston being goth.

Here's some of the better things to come out of that:


he hobbles past me
and tells the story again,
an accident in the
shows me the scar
left on his balding
says young people
are reckless
these days.
and that i'm a pretty girl.
and that god blesses me.


the room i stayed in
is vacant,
a part of you
that remained when
i left,
a part of my heart
that is forever lost,
tears for the nights
i spent wishing you
were within touch,
such passion in
that empty embrace,