So it's no surprise my eyes are never heavy...

Just keeping myself  busy here, nose buried in a book or pen buried in a journal.  I've been working on a few short pieces for a couple anthologies, which is a nice change of pace for me.  I'm also working on book two of the Jon Hunter series.  And, if that wasn't enough, I had a flash of inspiration to start yet another book!  This other one is a bit of an experiment, and I'm not sure what to consider it: popular fiction, literary fiction, pulp?  I have no clue yet, and even as it congeals I still have no idea what its form will end up being.  But I'm not one to back down to a literary challenge, so even if this turns out to be a failure, I'm going to ride it as far as it will go!   I'll keep you all updated once I figure it out!

By Hyacinthe Raven Last updated: 04/29/11 03:48 PM